My Visit to my Hometown, Orlando, FL

Upon a quick trip back home to the Sunshine State, I went to my one port in the storm, Ethos Vegan Kitchen. There I tried the daily special, Chik'n Marsala.

That was tasty and then when I went to get more water, I checked out the flyers organized in a little bookcase. In the time in between my last visit around the start of 2010 and August 2010, there was not one, but two new vegan businesses! First I saw that flyer for a small vegan bakery, Raphsodic Cooperative Company Bakery & Store. Fantastic, but then I saw something that amused and surprised me, Orlando now has a Vegan Convenience Store, Red Artichoke.

I also found out that a small pizza chain, Mellow Mushroom, carries Dayia and I was happy that they were versed in what doughs were and were not vegan. After thinking about it, I went with a delicious calzone. Hit the spot for an afternoon of hanging out with my 2 year-old niece.

When I left Florida in 2001, never did I think that Orlando with welcome me home with open arms and such yummy options that seem to expand in between every trip back to my hometown.