1-7 May 2011

Blossom Du Jour opened their second location at 62 Cooper Square opened 30 April!
The venerable Vegan Straight-edge (xXx) band from Upstate New York that started in 1991, is releasing a new album. Earth Crisis to Release 'Neutralize the Threat' on July 12th
All around WTF? PETA Gives Glenn Beck an Endorsement: Is Glenn Beck Thrilled?
Los Angeles vegan hot spot and favorite of the masses, Pure Luck is apparently abruptly closing. What's a Veg*n to Do? Doomie's!
More Kathy Freston and Tal Ronnen, I mean how more of them will there be? Festival of Books: Faux meat, faux cream, real vegan cooking
Do you want to get tatted up? Full sleeves? Halves? a tramp stamp? (wait, it's 2011, I forgot) Be sure your artist is using inks without animal additives A vegan in a non-vegan tattoo parlor, what do you do?
PEZ has announced two new vegan flavors. Vegan children rejoice. PEZ Candy announces two new flavors (yes they are vegan)
More star power to be seen at this year's Farm Sanctuary Fundraising Gala Eric Roberts And Chevy Chase To Attend Farm Sanctuary Celebrity Charity Gala
Nogurt is a “Fruit Snack” and the texture is a cross between yogurt, pudding, and fruit puree. New and Improved, All-Natural Nogurt Packs a Dairy-Free Probiotic Punch
American Automobile Association chooses vegetarian restaurants for list 13 veggie restaurants make it on a list of AAA Picks
Go Max Go has announced two new treats, peanut butter cups and a take on the Crunch or Krackle bar. Read about it on Vegansurus
Interesting opinion piece on being vegan and smoking. Can you be a vegan and smoke cigarettes?
This film combines interviews with two researchers, a doctor, and vegan chefs. New Food Documentary: Planeat
NYC's own vegan doughnut makers are on a press-a-poloza. Latest write up is on SuperVegan. Talking poles and holes with the dudes of Dun-Well Doughnuts
Ulster County’s Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (UCSPCA) has been named the May 2011 beneficiary for Rescue Chocolate. Yay Sarah! (UCSPCA) will receive help from Rescue Chocolates
More cupcakes coming to NYC. I believe that cupcakes will be the new FroYo, everywhere like a plague. And this spot will have vegan offerings. Sprinkles Cupcakes Opening In NYC
Forks over Knives article in the New York Times. Soul Food, Vegan Style
LA restaurant caused a lot of problems and received tons of negative press. Pink Taco Paints a Donkey Pink, Ignites Internet Outrage
Vega food bar and powdered drink mix creator Brendan Brazier interview. On the run with Brendan Brazier

Coming up is the National Vegetarian Week Mon 23 - Sun 29 May. Here in NYC we have some silly events for people to wave the veg*n flag.