15-21 May 2011

So there are so many articles on Natalie Portman and her reversal on her veganism. I have decided to not feed into that pit of ill and stupidity. I have read far too many ridiculous and unfounded claims against a vegan diet and you can only waste so much energy and time on the ignorant.
Here is a good article on on something most of us already knew, how well the battle for the rights of humans and rights for animals are very close to one another. Animal rights, human rights: Interlocking oppressions and finding allies
Florida Vegan Brian Manowitz, who is the person behind "Vegan Black Metal Chef," now has his own website. Vegan Black Metal Chef Launches Official Website
Conveniently Natural is a new business in Kansas City, Missouri delivering prepared vegan food that is organic (80-90% organic) and strives to use local produce.
The Great Food Truck Race came to NYC and people queue up for a taste, and California's Seabirds truck was there representing vegans! Hundreds line up to taste food trucks in Manhattan
Forks over Knives is getting lost of press Documentary argues virtues of a vegan diet
Ginnifer Goodwin has started....., awww heck, I don't even care anymore. As who is she really, other then a mediocre performer and someone given to indecisiveness? I'm not putting this link up.
Sounded like it was an awesome event in Seattle! The Great Seattle Vegan Chili Cook-Off
Veggies all over are taking to the streets to help inform those who might not know or be inclined to look at where their food comes from and the suffering it inflicts. Vegetarians protest in Prague against cruelty to farm animals
More simple and obvious truths, for one, Circuses are just bad. Former adviser attacks circus animals 'failure'
Do you love to make food to share? Dream of becoming the next veggie prepared food wonder? Foodily will give you the nutritional breakdown of the combined ingredients. Recipe Search Engine Gives Any Recipe a Nutrition Label
Newer book that is on my Summer reading list, Green Is the New Red: An Insider’s Account of a Social Movement Under Siege From award-winning journalist to 'eco-terrorist'
Something unexpected, Vegan festival, in New Orleans! This week in Food: Vegan festival expands to two days, 50 vendors
Now, Candle Cafe's food outside of NYC Candle Café to release line of frozen vegan entrees
 Holy Molie! LAX is going to get a vegan restaurant! Sweet! Los Angeles International Airport looks to add organic vegan restaurant