1st Gracious Gourmand 27 Aug

A night of deliciousness

This is an evening we had been building up in our minds for a couple of weeks. I purchased the tickets as a thank you to my partner for being so fantastic and supportive. Previously, we have been to another reoccurring #-course vegan dinner and enjoyed that, so we were ready for someone else's take. Also, the excitement was palpable as we had sampled Lagusta Yearwood's Lagustas Luscious chocolates at a trunk show at Cow Jones. So upon running a little later then expected, we arrived in Williamsburg and found parking 2 blocks away. It was inconvenient, being it put Champs right on our walk back to the car. The space, with an inconspicuous Private Event sign in the window, was an interesting space. We ended up taking the last open table, as everyone else had found their desired table. Then came the our host, Mr. Joshua Katcher and asked if we would like a libation created with an organic vodka, Kanon. The options were Watermelon Mint and Beet Apple and you could have them virgin if you desired. We did not partake.

The menu and our takes-

Baked scalloped corn with cashew cheese and tarragon
Him- Tasty with an interesting creamy/ crunchy texture
Her- Topping was pleasant but not enough to make up for the odds sour filling

Yellow, red, orange and green tomato aspic - tomato essence aspic with yuzu juice - basil tomato powder - smoked Hawaiian guava wood sea salt
Him- fantastic use of tomatoes, the presentation was inviting
Her- Beautiful composition of flavors and textures, dish worked on all levels
Moon and stars watermelon - herloom tomatoes - beets - aged cashew cheese
Kalamata olive vinaigrette
Him- Not being an olive fan, the different textures and flavors works great together.
Her- The beets should have been cooked rather then raw. The watermelon was an interesting inclusion that elevated the dish behinds a standard dinner salad.

House made orecchiette - slow-cooked eggplant - rosemary-infused white bean cream sauce - pan-fried squash blossoms stuffed with smoky eggplant caviar
Him- Yum yum yum. I can't express my thoughts better then that.
Her- I cannot think of a bad thing to say about this dish. The slow roasted eggplant was some of the best I've ever had. The caviar was perhaps slightly too smokey for me.

Stone fruit and berries - coconut cream - husk cherries - Herbed pine nut cookie sandwiches with strawberry cream filling
Him- Stone fruit and berries was delightful. Tee cookie sandwiches were my favorites.
Her- The stone fruit and berries were a work of genius. The flavors were perfectly infused. Into a delectable little gift of a dessert.
Chocolate truffle with olive oil ganache infused with Genovese basil and corn powder dusting
Him- Chocolate is what Lagusta Yearwood superbly.
Her- Perfect end to the meal