December-ish Update

Sorry, I started writing this when I had some free time and never got to finish it before the little one started sounding the alarm for food or a nappy change. So, some of the events have passed, but since it was started, it must be finished.

Blossom Du Jour (The site is not up yet, but they are using Facebook in the meantime)- Their opening was back in the last week of Oct, but we haven't been able to get out much untill recently. Located just one street down and across 9th Ave from the original location, Pamela Elizabeth cut Cocoa V in half and now two stores are two cute siblings joined at the hip. G says that the pot pie and onion rings require you to visit.-
NYC Vegan Pizza Tour (This has since past, sorry)- Scott, of Scott's Pizza Tour is doing a special vegan pizza safari for his brother Jon. Jon is visiting from LA and two years ago went vegan. Sounds interesting but I don't know what spots they plan on hitting. Might be worth a shot.

The Ethical Man- Dan Mims has launched his online store, complete with styling advice from Dan himself. There is a limited amount of items currently. As the items are not only selected, but inspected for value and quality, the available selection will grow.
Vegan Essentials- Chicago Soy Dairy now has mozzarella sticks! They partnered with Chicago Diner to perfect their recipe. Now you can get them from Vegan Essentials only, unless you live in Chicago.

Upcoming events in 2011-
Vegan Pizza Day!- The world over on Saturday 29 January 2011 is being sponsered by Chicago Soy Dairy's Teese (They have re-formulated their mozzarealla style! Teese) and Quarrygirl.com
NYC Vegetarian Food Festival (shhh, it's really a vegan food festival undercover!)-  Sunday 3 April 2011. It will take place at The Altman Building located on 135 West 18th Street, between 6th and 7th Avenues. They are looking for vegan food businesses to showcase their wares. Get in touch with them.
Vegans in Vegas- Described as- A first-of-its-kind event for vegan and veg-interested men Vegans in Vegas. New York's own Dan Mims of The Ethical Man has been named the first speaker.