January '11 Updates

We are trying something different. As the month goes on and free time permits, the monthly posts will go up at the first event we hear about and randomly updated as we get new info. Check back with us.

Dun-Well Doughnuts Launch Party- Christopher and Dan are launching a wholesale operation to provide their doughnuts to retail operations and coffee shops. Their aim is to build a brand and enough interest to warrant opening their own shop. (Seattle, Portland and Las Vegas all have vegan doughnuts, but they are made in the same kitchens with their dairy laden cousins) New York is looking forward to this shop and the "blogosphere" and "twitter-verse" are all in a frenzy! 
When- 2 February at 7-9 PM
Where- Moo Shoes at 78 Orchard Street
What- Doughnuts, drinks from Pine Box Rock Shop and ice cream from Lula's Sweet Apothecary.
*The website isn't up yet. So check their blog for now. They are looking for a web designer, if you have the skills, drop a line. *
John's of 12th Street- This is good news for those of us who have business meetings or stubborn family who refuse to go a meal without any animal products. I am uneasy about giving my money to a establishment that also serves loads of dairy, let alone meat (like veal). I want to give them support for taking a year to work on their recipes and training with a vegan chef to get things right. They even make their own seitan. So what are we to do? Encourage them to keep going in the vegan direction and vote with our dollars, even though they serve things I find awful? Each person will have to make their own choice about this.